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Embedding Remix in Directus

In this mad-science experiment, we combine the Directus CMS with the Remix framework in a single package that enjoys the features of both.

React Server Components Tips

React Server Components change the mental model for building apps in React. Use these tips to unlock their powerful capabilities.

Why we ditched GraphQL for tRPC

The magic globe
While we normally use GraphQL to get data from the server to the client, tRPC provides a simpler, more streamlined experience for our developers, helping us make better apps for clients.

Slicing TypeScript Literal Strings

apples in a wooden box
Using TypeScript’s literal inference, we can pull specific segments out of literal strings. This can help reuse types and keep our code DRY.

Dynamic CMS-driven Redirects with Next.js

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Redirects send a request for one page to another page, and are crucial for maintaining good SEO. We can manage these with our own Next.js app and any CMS.

How to Blog in 10 Doable Steps

an old typewriter and other office supplies
If you’ve ever experienced staring at a blank screen waiting for the words to come, this guide will help you find success in publishing a truly exceptional blog post.